Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Suck it, losers.

So, over on my favorite blog, "The Bloggess ", an award for helping wayward snowmen was being given out and I WON!!!! See:
Thanks, Bloggess.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My snowman might have a problem

My snowman* has red eyes because he's hung over. 

*It "snowed" in Austin last week, which is a rare event.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I am afraid I have neglected this here blog. I came up with the name because a few months ago (before Christmas) I was sitting in a meeting and smelled something funny shitty. Naturally, I thought someone had pooed his or her pants and then it occurred to me that I should look at the bottom of my shoe. Of course there it was, the giant turd aftermath I had stepped in somewhere between the car and the meeting. I handled it like any mature adult. I immediately placed my foot back on the ground, so as to try and cover up any odor escaping form the bottom of my shoe and as soon as the meeting ended I ran to the bathroom cleaned my shoe in the stall (all while trying not to gag up my lunch) and promptly threw out the shitty paper towels in the trash can. Looking back on it I am not sure anyone who had to use the bathroom after appreciated what they were walking into, but I can't be practical all the time- I just don't have the stamina because I am out of shape, okay!?

I have many more proud moments like this to share with you and I hope you continue to read my blog even though this story is a little lame and possibly a little fictional ;), but I really felt like I needed to post something and I wasn't sure posting a video of my drunk ass screaming "cock or box" at a bar in downtown Austin would have been an appropriate first post.